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We have a commitment to charity because we believe in giving back to the community that has supported us. We participate in several charitable functions each year. Another issue we like to address is recycling; we are using the wood boxes that are destined for the rubbish pile. By rescuing them and refinishing them into functional art pieces, we produce beautiful and useful products that can be used and enjoyed by everyone for many years. 

This is what we start with a  wood wine box that the wine was shipped in . Then we transform them into art , Cheeseboards , serving trays , furniture , humidors , place mats ,what ever you can think of we can do.

The perfect gift for Someone who has everything

The start of our new ventures furniture. Thru our efforts over the last 6 years we have created a unique  old school finishing process . We are able to recreate a old school finish on new products as well as restore old products.

A Small Cheeseboard takes a trip to the Jersey shore, thanks Kitty. How cool would it be to grab a glass of wine and a cheese board and watch the sunset.

​Patrick Satterfield

Satterfield Originals is a result of innovative thinking and creativity from many sources. A group of restaurant employees, including bartenders, waitresses, chefs, and managers have developed the products showcased here. A strong desire to be self-employed and a great concept have been the driving force behind the success of Satterfield Originals. 

You are probably aware of the fact that 99% of restaurants do not provide any type of benefits to their employees, this is another reason for the genesis of our company. Patrick needed to find a secondary source of income to augment the money earned at his job. Kendall, his daughter, was born with Spina Bifida. A life long commitment to her care, by Sharon, Patrick's wife and himself made the second income necessary.
While searching for that income, the concept for Satterfield Originals was born. While working at Two if by Sea, a Restaurant in Red Bank NJ, along with a fellow worker, Yvonne they came up with a plan to decorate the bar area with the sides and ends of wood wine boxes. Patrick decided to make some place mats for the guests who dined at the bar, next thing you know the guests were asking to purchase them.

A special thanks goes to Vincent and Scott, the owners of Two if by Sea, for all the support they have shown us. Without their consent to show our products at their fine establishment we would not have grown to be the company we are today.

Jeff, another bartender soon got in the mix, along with Kristin, a chef and began adding their unique perspectives to our product line. With their help we have expanded our retail exposure and have been able to bring this site to life. 

Thank You for your interest in Satterfield Originals 

" In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

The finished product a cheeseboard with glass on top or a place mat for your dinning room table or better yet place mat for your outside deck table they will never blow away.