Patrick will bring your vision to life. He is skilled at creating a wide range of artistic pieces, including. 

Furniture Costume made to your specifications and finished 
Refinishing your old Furniture
Costume Designs and innovative Ideas 
More Ideas To Come
Here is just one Idea , do you have a Flat Screen TV Mounted on the wall and you cannot hide it let us Build a Picture frame for you. We can turn that eye sore into a work of art.
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The perfect gift for Someone who has everything

Hi Patrick, 
Everything worked out great at our event. The items you donated were a hit and I have to tell you how impressed people were with the cheese board and pen sets. I know two of the people who won your items and really thought they were beautiful. Thank you again for your support! We'll be sending you a letter later this week with the results of the auction. 

Judy Nagai-Allison
Director of Alumni Affairs
UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Hi Patrick,
Your items were extremely popular. Once I count up how many I need, I would like to order some cheese boards. I know there was a lot of talk and activity surrounding them. Thanks again for donating such a great item.

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 Bartender Finds A Business Through ā€˜Thinking Outside The Box'

My interest, a medium sized Far Niente Cabernet cheeseboard with a natural or classic stain.  My family adores the wine and would find this to be very unique and appropriate for their tastes.

I received it yesterday and it is great!
Thank you for your assistance, it is a perfect gift.

Allyson Rowe
Positive Impact, Inc.


Just wanted let you know that your beautiful work got here safe.  We are putting them out on the retail floor for sale. I will keep in touch with you to let you know how it goes.

Kristin Walling
Visitor Center Manager
HALL Napa Valley

Patrick Satterfield shows off two of the serving trays he made from wine boxes.RED BANK - When Pat Satterfield joined Two If By Sea owners Vince DiVivo and Scott Ferrar as their bar manager, three years ago, he was impressed with the renovation of the dining rooms, but uninspired by the bar area.

"Yvonne (Young, the waitress) and I would sit around after work, trying to think up themes we could use for the bar design. It was devoid of any decor." 

At home Satterfield was in the midst of a total home renovation project in which he and his wife, Sharon, had completely gutted their Linden Place home and were slowly refurbishing it room by room. In the process of the remodeling, he had learned a lot about staining and polyurethaning. 

"We had stained all the floors and woodwork and I really enjoyed working with the stains, getting the colors I wanted and applying it to the wood."
Satterfield had taken a few wooden wine crates home from Two If By Sea to experiment with. Through experimentation, he came up with the idea of creating lacquered wooden plaques from the sides of the wine boxes, each of which bore the name of a fine wine served at Two if By Sea.

"We really liked the look of it, and because we have an extensive wine list, it really was a good theme to carry out," Satterfield said. "We started hanging the stuff up on the walls and I decided to make a few placemats for the patrons who wanted to dine at the bar. I had no intention of selling them, they were just part of the wine part - and well - nice." Satterfield continued to play around with the boxes, pulling them apart and trying to find new uses for the wood. "My owner, Vince told me that people were going to want to buy these things and at first I was skeptical. Than on February 12, 2002, a customer came in and asked to buy placemats and three of four cheeseboards."

The restaurant was adding to its wine list and Satterfield was taking home all the boxes, pulling them apart and saving everything.
"We use about 95 percent of the box. We offer sawdust to some of our friends for gardens, and I give the leftover strips to friends with fireplaces for kindling." he added.

"In March of last year, they diagnosed my daughter with spina bifida and I was worried about having the extra medical bills. But this has really helped and we're holding our own with it. And Kendal is doing well too." (Satterfield and his wife Sharon have two children Grant, 3, and Kendal, 20 months.) 

Working out of their own separate workshops in two different states, the partners have created Satterfield OriginalsĀ® with a product line of 16 designs using wine boxes from all over the world.

The designs include glass-topped cheeseboards in three sizes, serving trays, placemats, jewelry boxes with velvet lining, humidors, decorative plaques, trivets and wine coasters sets. The partners will also finish wine boxes that the customer has. "We get people who have old wine boxes that they have been carting around for years that they have a sentimental attachment to and want us to refurbish or make into a useable object for them," Satterfield says.

Satterfield's workshop is small but impressive. "Being in the bar business for over 25 years, I've learned to work in tight places and make the most out of usable space. The drying shelf can hold up to 200 pieces that have been polyurethaned and are waiting for completion." 
The rafters hold wine box sides of every size, wooden workbenches hold saws, clamps, sanders and wood-carving tools. Air conditioning, fans and heaters are used to keep the temperature and humidity perfect for the wood and a big plastic sheeting curtain protects pieces from sawdust and dirt.

Satterfield gets his raw materials from various places. Liquor stores, other restaurants and bars, customers and sometimes the occasional winery have all been sources for the wine boxes. 

They have had interest from some of the wineries that have tasting rooms to supply them with products using their wine boxes, but they want to build the business slowly so that it is manageable. "That will come in time," said Satterfield. "Some businesses get too big, too quick and they lose it in the process. I don't want to lose the craftsmanship- you have to crawl before you run. " 

Each piece is sanded and stained to bring out the best grain in the wood, or complement the design imprinted or burned into the top. Some pieces are added to or "framed" to enlarge them. Others are reinforced with wood or brass fittings for strength or as a design feature.
Cheeseboards are fitted with a removable glass top for easy cutting and cleaning.

We were asked to make a Christmas gifts from Mondavi Wine boxes. Usingthe Mondavi  box for a cheeseboard, and an Opus box for a humidor, he filled the order for the customer, who in turn presented it to his friend, renowned vintner Robert Mondavi. Mondavi wrote a note of thanks and agreed to let the partners use the letter on their new brochure.The business ships orders throughout the U.S. and internationally as well.

Plans for the future include displaying their products at local wine events and designing a website. This Sunday, Sept. 7, Satterfield will have a booth at the Red Bank Street Fair. All of this takes time and manpower. Satterfield puts in 35 to 40 hours a week at the restaurant and then 20 to 35, hours a week "doing this."

"If I didn't have the support from my wife, Sharon, and friends like Jeff DeVaney who comes and helps do anything I need, and Yvonne too, to get the orders out, it wouldn't work." 
For more information about Satterfield Originals call (908) 902-0290